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We offer bus rental services in Dubai

Luxury Bus Rental in Dubai, UAE

In Dubai you will always need a luxury bus service for your whole family, group of friends, company employees who have came for sightseeing in Dubai or for marriage ceremony in Dubai. We have 10 years of experience in providing bus hire service in Dubai to tourists and all other community members. We have all kinds of buses including luxury 23 or 25 seater bus, 35 seater luxury bus as well as 50 seater luxury bus. Our expert chauffeurs are always ready to service you the best. You can hire our bus for Dubai sightseeing, Abu Dhabi city tour as well as sightseeing, Guest transportation, Airport transfers, Visitors transport, Weddings Ceremony, Hotel transport, Events and Exhibition transfers all over UAE.


Dubai Sightseeing & City Tour

Dubai the tourist hub is the most beautiful in UAE, having wonderful sightseeing places to visit. There are lot of beautiful parks, skyscraper buildings like Burj Khalifa, and many other places must be explored by your all familty members or group of friends. For such huge group of people with heavy luggage, you need a luxury bus service in Dubai & our bus service matches your desires. Hire us today for a bus service with professional elite drivers to help you explore Dubai with confidence and safely. Our Luxury buses have huge space for you to be comfortable while you explore the beauti of Dubai.

Dubai Airport Transfer

If you are a large group of family or friends or businessmen our luxury bus service is for you. We have all kinds of luxury bus service available for you to pick from. For a large group of family members or friends going to Dubai Airport is not very easy with all the heavy luggage, so by hiring our bus service will help you to easily go to Dubai airport. Our expert drivers are always willing to help you while you are with us.

All kind of Bus Service

We at provides cheapest bus service in Dubai. We have wide range of luxury buses available to order. We have 23 seater mini bus, 25 seater mini bus, 35 seater bus as well as 50 seater luxury bus service with elite driver facility. We have the most competitive prices in Dubai, we also have the newest models of luxury buses available for you. They have all the modern facilities available so that you enjoy your next ride with us.

Get Elite & Luxury Bus Service in Dubai

Our budget & low cost bus service is waiting for your next ride. We are one of the top bus rental companies in Dubai providing elite services to our customers. Our bus rental prices are very competitive compared to our competitors in Dubai. Dubai which is also the financial hub for business beside tourism, you can hire our bus for your important business meetings in all over Dubai including UAE other cities also. We are available 24 hours a day in Dubai the city which never sleeps. Dubai is a city with a lively buzz and many wonders, from famous parks, skyscraper buildings, Water Park and many other beautiful places. In such a good place you will need a good bus service so that you can get comfortable ride while visiting Dubai famous places.

Why Choose Us

Explore our first class limousine & car rental services


Luxury Bus Service

All our buses are latest models with all features available like chill cool ac and other features.


Low  Price Buses

Our prices are cheaper compared to all other bus rent companies in Dubai. Hire us today.


Professional Chauffeurs

All our elite drivers are waiting to service you the best with their services, you are very safe with us.